About us

Major functions of the foundation include:

Sourcing resources through fundraising to assist children with rare disease.

 Hosting educational sessions, workshops and conferences to raise awareness and empower those who have to care for children with rare disease.

 Providing group and individual support sessions to bring the gift of hope and happiness to these children and their families.

 Linking with possible donors to provide assistance to affected children who may not have insurance and who do not qualify for government-aid.

 Fostering a healthy and robust rare disease research environment.

Establishing a registry for children with rare disease to facilitate coordination of support.

Advocating for and influencing relevant policies.

Our Mission

The Nathan Asher Foundation (NAF), a Non-Profit organization, is a patient advocacy organization dedicated to children with rare diseases and the stakeholders that serve them. NAF is committed to the identification of funding sources and the acquisition of funds to aid in the treatment of children with rare disease as well as providing support and empowering stakeholders programs of education, advocacy and research.

Our Vision

  • A regional awareness and recognition of the challenges endured by families of, and children who suffer from rare disease.

  • Access of all affected children to resources that will facilitate timely treatment, enhance and extend their lives.

  • A culture that supports research and the advancement of treatment modalities for children with rare disease.

  • A regulatory environment that develops and implements policies to enhance the life and wellbeing of children with rare disease and their families.